2021 Virtual Club Event Calendar:

More details to follow for each event so watch for future emails.

January 28 at 6 p.m. EST – Networking: Craft Beer and Wine Tasting; bring your favorite beverage to the event and we’ll discuss why it is your favorite and discuss background on brewery or winery! A little fun and a little education. Please contact KnoxvilleClub@osu.edu to RSVP. Event link will be provided after RSVPing.

February 28 at 6 p.m. EST – 2021 Kickoff and Lifelong Learning: Our February 2021 club yearly kickoff event will feature with keynote Speaker, Frank Moskowitz, Founder and Director of the Buckeye Sports Bulletin.

March – Special Interest: Pets, pets, and more pets. Bring your pet to our event. Let’s discuss how your pet became a member of the family or history of your pet dog or cat breed. Of course this isn’t limited to cats and dogs!

April – Arts: We’ll all watch the same movie or play and then get together to discuss; does anyone have a music talent they want to display (contact us!)?

May – Health and Fitness: Eating healthy; virtual exercise class; what do you do to stay healthy? We’re working on a guest speaker to discuss health and fitness for all ages and capabilities. We’ll have an optional ‘exercise participation’ element of this event!

June – Community Service: Well we won’t get together for community service, however, we can all do individual things to support our community.

The club will send out ideas or if you have an idea send it our way!

We can’t wait to get started. Although remote events aren’t the same as in-person activities, we want to stay connected as best as possible while supporting the health and safety of Knoxville Buckeyes.